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We are excited to introduce the plug n’ play hub by securly:// — Safe wifi just for kids.™

When connected to a parent’s Wi-Fi router, our hub creates a new network of in the house. As long as kids are on the plug n’ play hub network YouTube will always be in ‘Restricted Mode’. Google, Bing and Yahoo search results will always be safe. Any sites that are not safe enough for the classroom will be blocked automatically.

Along with the hub, Securly created an app so parents can manage their kids new wifi. The app helps you setup your hub and create your free account using Facebook, Twitter, Gmail or LinkedIn. It also gives parents control of their child’s internet experience with tools like Time Management and Rules. If bedtime is set for 8:30pm the internet will stop at 8:30pm. If study time is set from 3:30pm to 5:30pm only educational sites will be allowed at that time. Each of these times has its own set of rules that parents can manage from anywhere.

The best part for parents is their Wi-Fi experience does not change. Since the plug n’ play hub - 'wifi for kids™' acts like a repeater on the network, parents keep the same Wi-Fi experience as always. This means there is no risk of parents activity being restricted or monitored.

Securly is already serving millions of students around the world. This is how we perfected our technology for K-12 web filtering as an educational resource. Securly has a mission of making the internet a safe educational resource for kids.

As advocates of Net Neutrality we have no agenda to sell products to kids or guide them in any particular direction, only to make sure they have a safe way to learn and explore using the greatest source of information mankind has ever created. We believe the sooner kids can use that tool to expand their horizons the broader those horizons might be.

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The plug n' play App

Kids using ipads and the plug n play settings screen kids using an ipad and the plug n' play time limits screen A mom using the plug n' play app The plug n' play app home screen

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