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safe wifi just for kids.

Trusted by 1000+ schools

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Plug in the hub and give your kids their own safe wifi.

Make your child’s
YouTube apps
safe - instantly.

Magical, might be the best way to describe this. Everyone using the YouTube app on plug n’ play is automatically in safe mode.

An example of safe youtube results on a mobile phone

Have peace of mind while they search and browse online.

The plug n’ play hub uses Securly to learn about new sites everyday. It also turns on safe search for Google, Bing and Yahoo, while blocking other search engines completely. Letting kids explore without fear of accidental exposure.

Set time limits (coming soon)

Block the internet completely during dinner and bedtime. Only allow educational sites during study time. Customize these times and rules for your family.

a screen showing the internet has been paused for 15 minutes

I'm the father of two boys with Autism and your product is an amazing gift, it is easy to use and just meets a very special need in my life.

Your service is essential in this new era of learning and I commend you for trying to make our kids' lives better!

Securly is paving the way for our kids to take off and soar safely as they pursue their learning goals using the technology available to them!

a plug n' play user a plug n' play user a plug n' play user

Protecting over 3 million students.

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Order Now $5.99/month

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